::CASE STUDIO:: {Community Architects for Shelter and Environment}

::CASE STUDIO:: {Community Architects for Shelter and Environment}

 Initial Gathering

Initially TEN was formed as a working community of ten individuals who share their vision in alternative housing and ways of life. Each of them is unique, resulting in a group of people in various creative professions, including architects and designers.

The lack of buying power and alternate housing choice drew them together. All were in search of their ideal home. They began to draft their ideas and methods. TEN became a collaborative project which would eventually redefine both the concept of dwelling community and individuality, which requires working efforts from everyone involved.


TEN’s working method is collaborative, both conceptually and physically. In terms of the physical collaboration, the project would occupy a single plot of land, divided into ten subplots. The footprint of each subplot is equal. Each inhabitant would then act as the designer of their own home, in collaboration with their neighbors.

This method of sharing a single plot of land resulted in the mandatory design collaboration between each inhabitant. Thus, conceptually, everyone involved would have to set their individual and collective design and dwelling criteria. One could not simply insert one’s own design regardless of careful consideration and negotiation with others.

Ultimately, each house would conceptually be born out of the site and context, along with other houses. The project would thus consist of various individual dwellings which take into account the notion of community living. Each inhabitant would therefore own a house in a place that also belongs to others.

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