::CASE STUDIO:: {Community Architects for Shelter and Environment}

::CASE STUDIO:: {Community Architects for Shelter and Environment}

Group Site Planning   

A carefully planned route of meetings and workshops threaded the communities considerations together into a site layout for all. The process was as follows:

1. The people chose a house type.

2. The formation of different house zones.

a. The community sub-divided into smaller groups of 4/5 people, 7/8 people and third group of16 people. This kind of grouping had been used before in the house design workshops, so it did not take to long for people to form into groups they were happy with.

b. List the name of the members in a group and number of a group.

c. Each group decided which zone they preferred and put a reservation on a site plan.

d. Choosing plot, each group decided where each house should be within each zone, by considering each families needs, for example a person who wanted to open a shop requested a corner plot.

The Arkam Songkrao site plan was divided into four zones. Each zone would allow space for a linking central community space, a form of a plaza, allowing group multi functional activities to take place.

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